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The UR'PLUG™ anchors screws and nails tightly to the wall

No searching for the right plug ever again

The UR'PLUG™ fits, always!

With the UR'PLUG™, working to size is easy

Size of nail or screw + UR'PLUG™ = diameter bore hole

For hanging and mounting

paintings, picture frames, sconces and other decorating accessories

A fitting solution in the DYI arsenal of the handyman

Both novices and veterans!


The idea

How do I affix screws and nails to a wall with just one size anchor on hand? Inventor and do-it-yourselfer Jaap van der Kamp looked at the options and developed the solution, the UR'PLUG™: a small aluminum rod for anchoring into any walls around the house.

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Order online

A DIY customer or a home improvement Category Manager wanting to try the UR'PLUG™ can easily order online, a bag of 40 for € 5.00; or 4 bags of 40 each for € 15.00. Shipping within The Netherlands is free.

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UR'PLUG™ in action

With the UR'PLUG™ the handyman has a sure fire alternative for the nylon wall anchor. Pictures, photos and accessories are safely anchored to the wall in three easy steps.

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Urplug BV

Jaap van der Kamp, the UR'PLUG™ inventor, works with Rasser|De Haan on the international introduction of the 'paperclip for the do-it-yourselfer'. Rasser|De Haan is specialized in monetizing intellectual property and takes equity interests in inventions.

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By adding this little aluminum extrusion profile to its offering the home improvement store offers the DIY customer a wall anchor that always fits. Licenses to the UR'PLUG™ are available for home improvement chains and manufacturers of wall anchors.

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The UR'PLUG™ was successfully patented in The Netherlands. International patent applications are pending in the European Patent Office and the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

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